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Lucid Goggle Caliber Flo Yellow - Gold Mirror Lens



  • Rugged DYAD frame, double-injected to our race proven POLYFLEX face-forming inner frame
  • FLOAIR ventilation system with moisture channel
  • 20mm thick, 3D molded, multi-stage face foam
  • FORCEFIT outrigger system
  • 45mm ultra-wide woven strap with silicone traction control
  • XDO [Xtreme Defintion Optics]
  • WAVELATCH quick-change lens locking system
  • XDO injection molded lens with hard coat & anti-fog treatment
  • Integrated tear-off posts
  • Ultra-wide field of view accepts 45mm Zip-Off film system
  • Detachable vented nose shield


The new LUCID goggle is characterized by clear perception. It is created from over 35 years of R&D, experience, passion, and evolution in the goggle business. As the world evolves, so does clear vision and the need to see in the most demanding situations. The new LUCID goggle will progress vision and goggle function to the maximum with its incredible XDO, (Xtreme Definition Optics) lens technology. The XDO lens is injection molded from the highest quality impact resistant polycarbonate material for zero visual distortion. 

A rugged DYAD rigid outer frame holds the lens in place and creates the ultimate seal for defense against flying debris and heavy roost. The outer frame is double-injected to a soft inner frame made from our exclusive POLYFLEX face-forming material. This allows the inner frame to form to varying face shapes creating the best seal and fit while eliminating virtually any pressure points. The LUCID goggle includes a detachable low-profile vented nose shield for added protection. 

The LUCID WAVELATCH is a new type of lens locking system that keeps the XDO injected lens secure and sealed tight. It allows the rider to quickly swap-out their lens to another tinted lens with just the slide of their thumb. Easy and quick! 

The LUCID 20mm thick, 3D molded, multi-stage, face foam creates an unmatched fit for nearly every face shape. The foams third-layer, along with our innovative new moisture channel that is molded into the goggle frame, keeps the sweat from dripping or splashing onto the goggle lens. The FLOAIR moisture channel allows “sweat” to run down the sides of the frame rather than into your eyes. 

The LUCID goggle offers one of the widest fields of view available in a goggle. It also allows the goggle to utilize a class-leading 45mm extra-tall roll-off system for absolute clear vision on the ugliest of days. 

A new FORCEFIT outrigger design features a larger 45mm ultra-wide woven strap with silicone traction control, that allows for proper goggle tension for a comfortable, secure fit for performance beyond compare.